FD3S Rear "Euro" Washer / Fluid Tank GB on rx7club

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FD3S Rear "Euro" Washer / Fluid Tank GB on rx7club

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MattGold from rx7club asked me if I could make a post here about the GB he is starting on the rx7club. We need as many people as possible to make this happen so please share to all your FD friends.

Here is the link for the original post


I hope this is ok and that you guys don't mind me posting this here.

Thank you

Original post below:

"As some of you may know, Euro spec and some Canadian spec FDs came from the factory with a larger washer tank, mounted in the rear hatch, behind the plastic panel. The reason for the larger tank was to feed three thirsty systems; the front washers, the rear washer AND the headlight washers (which US cars didn't get). Capacity on this tank is a little over 1.5 Gallons (5.5 Liters) which makes it a GREAT option for a stealthy methanol / auxiliary injection tank.

Euro Tank Mounted

US spec models with rear wipers have a small reserviour in that spot - but the capacity doesn't instill a lot of other uses.


The good news is: all FDs have the necessary mounting points and provisions to support the larger tank.

The problem is: finding Euro spec washer tanks. They simply aren't readily available, they are NLA from Mazda and they come with their own share of downsides if we're being perfectly honest.

"Wait a minute... downsides?"

Yeah. There are a few downsides to the Euro washer tank in it's current form.

1) Since the tank is made to house three pumps, that does two things. It eats up internal capacity and has potential areas that can leak:

2) Since the tank is a two-piece design, it has a weird rubber connector between the two tanks. Again, eats up internal capacity and has another potential leak area:

3) There are sensors and hose routing that take capacity and just aren't needed:

4) They don't really have a natural place to add fluid level sensors or nozzles. Most tanks I've seen have even MORE holes drilled to accommodate these guys.

5) It's not cheap. I've seen these sell for over $400USD in old, beat up condition.

So that's the bad news. But the GOOD news is, we've 3D scanned a Euro tank, made modifications in CAD and found a manufacturer to make these. We've addressed the potential issues and made this the best version of rear Euro washer tank that we could.








* Redundant systems, leak points and sensors have been deleted
* Design is now one piece to increase capacity and ease install
* Capacity should be right around 2 Gallons (7.5Liters)
* It will bolt in requiring zero modification
* It should be "agnostic" to whatever injection kit you run
* We provide a large boss for a level sensor as well as a smaller boss for a nozzle on the side of the tank, with an additional three nozzle bosses to accommodate multi-nozzle setups. Each boss would have to be drilled/tapped for your own sensor/nozzle.

Now the only remaining question is: does anyone want this? Tooling costs are not cheap and minimum orders are not low. So this can only really happen if there's real interest. Prices can't be discussed in an interest thread - but it would be around 1/2 the price of used units - but that also depends on how many people commit.

If you're interested, add your name below. If you have questions, by all means ask away. If you can share this on social media / other forums to drum up some interest - that'd be great too. The more interest, the more likely this happens and the lower the price will be."

If you are interested in being a part of the GB and you are not a member of the rx7club please let me know here and I can add you to the list.

Thank you!
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